Analysis & Implementation

Delivering relevant analytics and rapid strategy implementation

The goal of our Portfolio Management tool is to present all (and only) the relevant information in a single view so that rebalancing a portfolio only takes minutes and that issues requiring attention are immediately apparent.

Analysis widgets and portfolio management parameters are all configured through FQL which means that data and models stored in the Qube database can all be leveraged to create customized analysis views.

Analysis widgets get dynamically updated depending on the viewing mode you select (for instance Portfolio against Benchmark or Rebalanced portfolio against Original Portfolio). Permissions and versioning apply to these views just as they do for any other object in the Qube database.

Our conic financial optimizer is accessible within these views to generate the optimal rebalanced portfolio. Post-rebalancing, orders can be dispatched using our order blotter that can either communicate through FIX or be adapted to your trading venues.

Screen Captures


FQL-based rebalancing tool that includes all account parameters

Rebalance quickly and reliably very different portfolios

Ensure consistency across portfolios following the same strategies

Customizable view, widgets can be added/deleted so that only relevant information remains for a given process