One tool to streamline your whole investment process,

from data acquisition, through strategy backtesting, all the way to order dispatching.


As a company founded by former portfolio managers, we know your concerns and offer our services to guide you through an effective deployment of StarQube. Our team comprises highly trained (Princeton Ph.D., French Grandes Ecoles, CFA Charterholders) and experienced people at the intersection of technology and finance. Our company, including the development team, is located in Switzerland where we count major asset managers as our clients.

Our modules are designed to work together and are optimized accordingly

Save on the frictional costs of interfacing multiple vendor software

Development time of strategies drastically reduced without sacrifices on their uniqueness and complexity

Collaborative platform: users can capitalize on each other’s work if they choose to share it

Embedded permissions and audit trail to save time on compliance issues

Portfolio management & analysis customizable to your processes


All of StarQube’s tools are connected to a centralized point-in-time database and calculation engine (Qube) that evaluates our Financial Query Language (FQL). One language across all our tools means less time between development and implementation of strategies. And you can also use it through our rich set of APIs, including an Excel plugin.

Analysis & Implementation

  • FQL - based rebalancing tool that includes all account parameters

  • Rebalance quickly and reliably very different portfolios

  • Ensure consistency across portfolios following the same strategies

  • Customizable view so that only relevant information is displayed for a given process (widgets can be added/deleted so that only relevant information remains)

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  • Fast backtests so that analysts can run more and focus on identifying value

  • FQL-based backtesting tool to avoid common mistakes such as look ahead bias

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  • Develop models to capture market behavior and relevant risk models.

  • FQL formulas are ready for backtesting and implementation, no translation risk and cost

  • No need to store intermediate results that often cause errors as the cache automatically does it

  • Only the code relevant to the financial idea is left thus facilitating auditability

  • Any data formula thus defined can be called from APIs or User Interfaces

  • Embedded permissions and audit trail

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  • Organize investment data once and for all, save time on each new analysis

  • Download all data to a single location, avoid double subscriptions

  • Do not get locked-in with a single data provider

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Client/server architecture

Encrypted communications

Active directory compatible

Either installed on client site or hosted

Written in modern C++

Windows, MacOS or Linux (client/server can run on different OS)

Heavily optimized software so that hardware stays reasonable

Modules can be chosen à la carte

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