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With the rise of responsible investment, asset managers face many challenges, from aggregating data from multiple providers, building proprietary ESG models, taking ESG constraints/objectives into account in portfolio management, to generating reports for clients and regulators.

StarQube offers a modular data agnostic organization and portfolio construction solution to address these challenges.

Collect, cleanse & organize your ESG data

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StarQube is data agnostic and can collect, clean and organize any data, regardless of its source. We have connectors with the major ESG data providers and can easily integrate new datasets, including data collected on the web. Don't limit your data universe, have the flexibility to integrate any alternative data source to enrich your proprietary ESG methodology. StarQube supports the instruments/issuers links in order to help you enhance your coverage.

Build a secure & robust data referential

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Your data is hosted in a scalable, point-in-time NoSQL database, optimized for financial calculation, offering lightning response times. They are structured around a single repository so that all your data sets communicate naturally with each other.

Handle your data easily to develop your proprietary methodologies

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Our simplified financial language allows you to manipulate your data with complete flexibility to conduct your ESG research, build your proprietary scores, backtest them. The StarQube team can also configure your own metrics for plug-and-play deployment.

Construct your portfolios to reach your ESG goals

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Your proprietary ESG scores are accessible from all portfolio construction modules and can be used in backtests, risk models, as optimization parameters; or simply analyze the ESG scores of your portfolios and benchmarks in a configurable graphical tool.

Create and publish regulatory reports automatically

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Your ESG data can be easily used to build your regulatory reporting, including through our APIs. The StarQube team can set up data extraction for regulatory purposes.

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