Tame Big Data, get deep business insight, take faster and smarter investment decisions

StarQube is a new generation Front Office solution serving Asset Managers, Asset Owners, Wealth managers and Hedge Funds worldwide; StarQube puts data, whether financial or non-financial, at the heart of your investment process; while consolidating your investment universe into one single database, StarQube streamlines your entire investment decision process from data collection and curation, research management, idea generation all the way through to portfolio construction, optimization, risk management and ultimately the creation of orders.


With StarQube
imagination is the only limit


A suite of investment decision modules based on an optimized unified data foundation

Your investment universe

Any data source (Data Vendors, IBORs, Custodians, Web)

Your work tools

APIs: Python, Matlab, Excel, C, C++, .NET, Java, REST


SQ Modules

SQ Data Loader

SQ library of data connectors

  • SQ's generic tool for collecting, curating, time-stamping and storing data in the StarQube’s NoSQL database
  • Compliant with internal sources, third-party providers or web scraping
  • A large number of connectors are already in place with leading data providers - market prices, ESG indicators, financial statements, consensus forecasts, macroeconomic series ...
  • StarQube creates additional connectors upon request as part of the integration phase


Because SQ is an open platform

  • APIs for IT experts: C, C++, .NET, REST, Java
  • APIs for Data scientists: Python, Matlab
  • An Excel API for discretionary portfolio managers and reporting requirements

SQ Backtester

SQ backtest engine

  • Blazingly-fast strategy backtesting
  • Intuitive configuration of strategies and scorings to backtest and results to visualize (e.g. ESG scores, portfolio’s temperatures, etc.)
  • Sharing of backtests with the relevant teams to foster collaboration
  • Optimized time-to-market from an idea to its implementation

SQ Risk Model Builder

SQ portfolio risk analysis module

  • Construction of complex risk models through simple configuration
  • Possibility of combining various risk decomposition methods – by exposure factors, sensitivities to explanatory variables or principal component analysis
  • Sharing of risk models with colleagues to foster collaboration
  • Predefined risk models as well as ability to import third-party risk models

SQ Optimizer

SQ conic optimization tool

  • Ultra-fast calculations thanks to the NoSQL database and the conic optimization engine
  • Intuitive setup of optimization parameters
  • Wide choice of constraints and objectives for optimization, taking into account regulatory or pre-trade constraints
  • Find the perfect equilibrium between your performance goals, your risk constraints and your ESG objectives

SQ Portfolio Visualizer

SQ cockpit for Portfolio Managers

  • Real-time visualization & management of single or multiple portfolios
  • Screen customization with widgets to display portfolios' core metrics/alerts
  • Risk breakdown by simply calling “Risk Model” objects
  • Simultaneous rebalancing of multiple portfolios
  • Optimization and instant transmission of orders to the OMS

SQ Core

The hard core of the SQ platform

  • Centralization of all data, regardless of their sources, into a single repository
    • Multiple asset classes, liquid and illiquid, financial and extra-financial (e.g., ESG) data referential
    • Integration with the upstream position-keeping system and the downstream order management system
    • Highly compressed NoSQL database for optimized computation times
    • Natively point-in-time data to avoid common pitfalls such as look-ahead bias
    • A single version of the truth by sharing one single centralized data referential across all your company
  • Limitless data actionability based on StarQube's no-code language (FQL)

Your OMS


Those using our solutions

Our solutions' DNA



A NoSQL database paired with a powerful yet simple financial language. Manage enormous volumes of data in a nimble way and scale your research and portfolio construction process.



Allow your teams to communicate easily by sharing their contributions to the investment decision process with the users they choose.



Communicate in a seamless way with your work tools and existing ecosystem thanks to our broad range of APIs. Leverage on your internal intelligence while accessing outstanding computing power.



Keep control over your data and investment decision process thanks to our best-in-class audit trail and permissioning system.


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