Our vision

We bring science to your investment decision process.

Guillaume Sabouret & Arnaud Néris, StarQube Founders
Guillaume Sabouret & Arnaud Néris,
StarQube Founders

“I first met with Arnaud when we were both portfolio managers in a major swiss financial institution. After some time working together, we realized that we were capable of providing solutions to the recurrent problems front office teams face on a daily basis.

Therefore, we decided to take a step forward and to create StarQube. Our mission is simple and it has been clear since the very first day: empower Front Office teams with a solution that would scale their operations, allowing them to master any type of data in a centralized platform, so they could run the whole investment decision process more efficiently.

After +8 years of commitment from the StarQube team and thanks to the trust of our clients, we have built a robust, scalable and flexible front office suite that covers the whole investment decision lifecycle, from data acquisition to order generation.”

Guillaume Sabouret - Founder & CEO

Meet the team

Guillaume Sabouret

Founder - CEO

Arnaud Neris

Founder - CTO

Emmanuel Colson

Board Member - Senior Advisor

François Lemoine

Business Development

Céline Pedelhez

Data Engineer / Scientist

Vincent Le Bourlot

Senior Developer

Arnaud Schebacher

Senior Developer

Guillermo Albiñana

Marketing / Inside Sales