PRESS RELEASE – Groupama AM selects StarQube to integrate ESG data into its investment decision-making process

From raw data to investment decision, Groupama AM selects StarQube to put data at the heart of its investment process and accelerate ESG integration in its portfolio construction.

As part of its search for a solution to collect ESG data and enhance their quality, Groupama Asset Management chose StarQube. This choice is the result of a medium/longterm strategic reflection and a desire to work with a partner capable of satisfying its current and future needs for its research and portfolio management. This tool promotes the use of sustainability data in the investment process and is part of a response to the regulatory requirements under development.

The functional completeness, the ability to manage huge volumes of data in an agnostic way, the flexibility, the performance, the adaptability, the rapid integration and the openness of the StarQube solution are all criteria that were essential and decisive in Groupama AM’s selection process.

StarQube’s solution will initially enable Groupama AM to ensure the integration and quality enhancement of ESG data from various sources while strengthening the governance of its data. It also makes it possible to manipulate selected ESG data in order to optimize internal research and calculate its own scores, at several levels (issuers, investment universes, portfolios). This proprietary data and scores are then made available to portfolio management teams instantly via the solution.

Marie-Pierre Peillon, Director of ESG Research and Strategy, Groupama Asset Management declares: “Groupama AM’s Research and Portfolio Management teams have been working for a long time on integrating ESG data into the analysis and investment process. Faced with the lack of standardization of sustainability data and the growing demands of regulators and customers, they have chosen a selection of indicators to meet these challenges. The StarQube solution allows an optimal and fast operational

Hubert Le Lourd, Director of Support Activities, Groupama Asset Management declares: “The power and flexibility of the StarQube solution give Groupama Asset Management a competitive advantage to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow concerning responsible investment, an area that is changing very quickly and where the responsiveness of asset management companies will be a source of competitiveness and success.”

Guillaume Sabouret, CEO and Founder, StarQube declares: “We are delighted to work together with Groupama Asset Management, to continue our strong growth and to confirm our presence on the French market. Always at the forefront of innovation, Groupama Asset Management is thus reaffirming and strengthening its commitment to responsible investment.”

About StarQube

Founded in 2013, StarQube develops an innovative and modular solution for asset management companies that is built around two pillars. The data management pillar industrializes the collection, quality control, transformation and organization of all types of data useful for the management process within a centralized NoSQL database. The portfolio management and construction pillar allows users to analyze the research universe, build proprietary risk models, create model portfolios or benchmarks, model and backtest investment strategies, optimize and rebalance portfolios. Users have configurable screens to view, analyze and manage their portfolios.

Contact :
François Lemoine, Head of Business Development
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Guillermo Albiñana, Inside Sales & Marketing Manager
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